The Island

A little info about our little island. St. Maarten/St. Martin

The Island of St. Maarten is part of the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. The smallest island in the world, believe it or not that is divided between two countries. It is approximately 37 square miles (300+Km). 60% French and 40% Dutch. The division dates way back to 1648. The Dutch side is known as St. Maarten and the French side as St. Martin with a population of over 80.741 inhabitants possibly even more now; the Dutch side having the greater amount of inhabitants.


If you ever have the pleasure of visiting our beautiful island you will definitely fall in love with it and want to return. Due to the multi-cultural inhabitants and their influence on the island you will always find something you like; of course the weather as always is an added bonus. It's always warm even if we do have the odd shower or two with temperatures hardly ever going below 77F.The average temperature being between 80-83F what more can one ask for. We are privileged to have warm tropical winds throughout the year even in the cooler months November to January.

Living in St. Maarten can be quite an experience with eighty different nationalities living peacefully together on 37 square miles is an amazing achievement. We must be the most cosmopolitan island in the world. Our main language is English even though we are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Dutch language is spoken and used in all official government offices and even taught in our schools. However, the language that is heard throughout the island is English.

We are very fortunate to have 36 beautiful beaches, some more attractive then others but all surrounded by warm seas. We have a beach for everyone. If you love to windsurf then St. Maarten is the place to be. Galion beach or as the French say Plage du Galion is perfect for surfing all year round. There is a channel that enables the sea to produce swells that would make any surfer satisfied. Many people have their first lessons at this beach. Another popular location for water sports is also on the French side called Orient Bay, perhaps a bit busier but certainly a must to check out if you are into any kind of watersports.


As we have the clearest seas, there is nothing like entering the water where the temperature is as warm as a bath. If you love to snorkel or even go for a swim then don’t be surprised if you swim with the fish and even see a resting sting ray wallowing in the sand below you. We do have some rough beaches like Guana Bay however, most of our beaches are as calm as you see in the movies.

Baie Longue

This is the ideal spot to get that all-over tan as it is a clothing optional beach.  Baie Longue is a beautiful beach with soft sand. This is one of our longest beaches on the island.The sand gets really hot at times so you end up running to the sea. The sunsets are just amazing like something you have never seen before. It's on the French side of the island and very private. Not much shade from the trees so it's a good idea to go early. Going to a beach like this one, one thing you cannot forget to take is your sun block.

Another beach you might want to check out is Mullet Bay Beach on the Dutch side of the island close to Maho Beach (the beach that you can watch the planes land). It's one of our favourites. It is an excellent beach if you love to swim. From one side to another it's approximately 400 meters and normally very calm. Even if your not a swimmer or just like to relax and float on your back looking up at the puffs of white clouds floating by, this might be a beach for you. Great for sand castle building with the kids and you are sure to get an umbrella and two chairs for apporximately $15.00 so you can always have shade. There are a few shacks selling local BBQ dishes and beers. Popular beers on the island are Presidente Beer and Caribe Beer. Both made in the Caribbean. This beach has the "wow" factor so enjoy.

If you can get to this beach early, we mean really early like 8am if not before you can actually have this beach to yourself. The sun is up, the sea is warm and it's all yours.

Mullet Bay Beach

St. Maarten/ St. Martin is a very beautiful holiday island located in the Caribbean. It is just one place on this globe, which vacationers and holiday travelers can’t simply ignore.

We hope that you enjoy your stay on our island whether it is for a fleeting one-day stay via a cruise ship or for a full vacation. This is an island to remember that's for sure. We will post lots more information as there is so much to tell about this small piece of paradise. So do return. If you would like to share your experiences of your visit to our island or know more information just drop us a message via Facebook and we will be happy to comply.

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St. Maarten/ St. Martin is a very beautiful holiday island located in the Caribbean. It is just one place on this globe, which vacationers and holiday travelers can’t simply ignore.