We have decided to start this blog as so many of you have been enquiring how we weathered it through hurricane Irma. We are grateful and thankful that so many have been concerned. You might have read earlier that we decided to leave; as once we knew that Irma was rapidly turning into one of the most dangerous hurricanes on record we knew the most sensible thing to do was to take a flight out and head south.

This we did. Barely making that flight as they cancelled all flights out from 2pm on Tuesday our flight was 3.45pm. Of course no notification was given either by phone or email that they had cancelled our flight. It was just by chance that we received a message by social media late Monday. We immediately got in contact with the airlines and they told us they had only one flight leaving via Haiti at 10.30am. However, we had arranged to place our cars in a container for much later in the day. When we explained that we needed the container earlier as we were flying out they refused to open earlier. We therefore, had to leave our vehicles unprotected. Until today we have no idea what condition they are in.

We arrived about six hours before the first signs of Irma made their presence in St. Maarten. Talk about cutting it close!!!!