About Us

We at the Spice Shack St. Maarten are finally happy to announce the launching of our website. The Spice Shack has had a few draw backs since embarking on this expansion mainly due to the shipping regulations, suppliers and just living in paradise whereby it seems that “manana” and We in di lime tonight” (meaning going to a party) can at times be very frustrating. We would like to thank our loyal customers for their patience and understanding and also of course welcome our new customers.

We would also like to say that this will not be just another run of the mill on-line e-commerce site but an informative and interactive site where you can read about our island, have access to local recipes, learn about our culture and also participate and share your own experiences of being on our island, you will even be able to ask us any questions that you would like to know about St. Maarten.

We have decided to launch our site with only our new line of spices and hot sauces. We know that you find our spices to be some of the finest spices so we have taken a leap and produced even a better product. Our new line, which will be named Caribbean Gourmet Line, is dynamic with something for everyone. If you like it very hot and we mean very hot we have the perfect new hot sauce for you our Dead Heat, we hope you can take the heat. For those of you who like it a little sweet you will definitely love our Sweet Caribbean Hot Sauce. There will be something for everyone. Of course we will have our regular items on our site too from September onwards. They will be added on a regular bases.

In closing we at the Spice Shack would like to welcome everyone to Spice Shack International St. Maarten, to join, participate and of course purchase a little bit of the Caribbean.

The Spice Shack Team